There are many parameters to factor when considering the property market to build wealth. It is critical to seek professional independent advice to choose the right type of property and the right location. Investors have different personal income, tax situation, residency status, equity and cashflow positions as well as risk tolerance.
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With so much noise in the media and conflicts of opinions it can be challenging to get clear and helpful answers

Some of the many questions we help our clients to clarify:

  • Is it more important to focus on cashflow or capital growth ?
  • Are houses safer to invest in than apartments ?
  • How can I reduce my time to repay my mortgage while investing at the same time ?
  • What is the difference between negative cashlow and positively geared, which is better ?
  • Do you recommend to buy new properties or older ones ?
  • How long will it take before i can recycle equity from my first investment to buy a second one ?
  • Do you recommend specific cashflow properties like dual income or dual occupancy ?
  • Is it better to invest in regional centers or capital cities ?
  • Is it really the right time to buy and where is the right time to buy ?