How do you research my investment property ?

We implement a unique 2 step process where we focus on cashflow as a pre-requisite; without strong cashflow a multiple properties portfolio cannot be built. We then focus on the factors that are pushing prices up over the long term. The macro factors that allow an area to go up in value are all based around people, supply and demand. In short, if there are more people demanding housing in an area than what may be readily available, their demand will drive prices higher.

Is it safe to get into debt for buying an investment property ?

Traditionally debt has been perceived as a burden. But it is important to remember that there are many types of debt. Not ALL debt is to be avoided and not ALL debt is ‘bad’. There is very little in this world that appreciates in value. For instance, we know that cars, boats and jet-skis depreciate very quickly. The overuse of credit cards for luxury items and consumables has certainly become a worrying social trend.  Any debt toward these items is known as ‘bad debt’. In contrast, on average, a residential property doubles in value every seven to ten years. Therefore residential property is described as an appreciating asset. In addition, as property values rise, so do rental returns. Borrowing for investment is a necessary tool to build wealth and is known as ‘good debt’. It’s one of the few instances where the debt actually works for you.

Are you recommending a specific type of investment property ?

No. We are not specialised, because what is best for someone might be less suitable for another person. Depending on your requirements we can source apartments, townhouses, House and Land, but also dual income properties. We assess your existing cashflow requirements, budget, preferred dwelling type and regions, we then make recommendations on what is possible.

Is it the right time to invest ?

It is usually always the right time to invest, but not everywhere is the right time to get in the markets. We found that our most successful investors are the ones not concerned about “timing the market”, but getting as soon as possible and stay in the market for as long as possible. Wealth creation through sound property investing is all about buying in the right location, not so much at the right time.

I have been researching on my own for a long time without success, how long does it take for you to secure properties for clients ?

A lot of people are confused by the various conflicts of opinion and headlines in the media. “Analysis paralysis” is a typical behaviour when confusion is preventing clarity to dominate the decision process. We implement a clear research process and explain to you the value of each property we source. Our goal is to help our clients moving away from an emotional mindset and become an informed and rational decision maker. With our education and guidance, you will be in a position to rapidly grow your portfolio and your wealth, with absolute confidence and minimal risk. From the initial consultation to the client exchanging on their desired property, one can expect 2 weeks to 6 weeks.

Can you help with financing and lending ?

Yes. We have selected the best mortgage brokers that are all experts in property investing finance. With constant changes in the lending industry, getting the loan structure right can be the difference between being refused more finance after your first property and growing your portfolio to 3, 4 or even 5 properties in the next 5-10 years!

I am interested in building dual income properties, do you source this type of deals ?

Yes. Dual income or dual occupancy is an excellent cashflow strategy that we definitely recommend if suitable for your circumstances. We work with several reputable builders that are specialised in building this type of dwelling. We will overlook the construction process and source a suitable block of land for you that will guarantee the highest rental return, increase your borrowing capacity and maximise the cashflow of your portfolio.

I want to invest where I live and in my own backyard, can you help ?

Most of our clients find it reassuring to limit themselves to invest where they live, it is an easy way to reduce the “perceived” market risk. Our research process will provide you with a wealth of quality information and reliable market data about other markets. That way you do not have to limit your options and will be able to safely explore other regions where investing could be more profitable and present more affordable opportunities.